Kit: 10 things to consider when you choose a tripod

If you’re after a tripod here’s my list of things you should think about before you buy.

  • Make sure that the tripod and head are solid enough for your camera (and any lenses you might attach).
  • When travelling, consider the weight of the tripod. Carbon fibre is a good lightweight option, albeit more expensive.
  • Consider how high or low the tripod will allow shots. The greater the range, the more creative perspective angles can be achieved.
  • Check that the feet of the tripod are adequate for the intended application, as they must not slip on different surfaces.
  • How quickly can the tripod be erected?  The quicker the better.  Remember this can be the difference between getting a shot or not.
  • Will the head combination suit the type photography you’ll be doing?

    A quick release mount can make all the difference.

    A quick release mount is important.

  • Does the tripod have a good quick release system to suit the camera equipment?
  • Is there a large range of accessories are available that make tripod work easier, such as L-plates (customised for specific cameras), panorama stitching heads, focusing rails and more.
  • Ensure that the quick release clamp is a tight fit with the corresponding camera plate or L-plate.
  • A carrying bag is handy to carry the tripod over your shoulder.
  1. Milton Hasnat

    Thanks for your useful tips. Could you please sugeest some brands that possesses all these criteria?


    • Thanks for the question, Milton.

      Problem is it depends on your budget, where you are in the world (I know you’re in Australia), etc.

      I’d recommend – if you can – trying some out before you buy.

  2. Marie Kerslake

    🙂 I am a beginner really at digital. I didn’t do much with my film Pentax either, I am thinking of a Sony, but am unsure what lenses I would need e.g. 30-50 50-80, telescopic, macro

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