How to take better pictures at the zoo or wildlife park

Want to know how to take better pictures at the zoo, or safari park?

These tips will work whenever – and wherever – you want to photograph wildlife.

To get the best shots of wildlife your camera needs 2 things:

  • A good zoom.
  • An image stabiliser.

A good long zoom lens means you don’t have to get up close and personal with the animal you’re taking  the picture of – especially important if they’re as dangerous the crocodile I meet in today’s video.

Using a long zoom means you might get shakey pictures (‘camera shake’).

As long as you’ve got your image stabiliser switched on, your photos should stay steady – handy if you have to run away too 🙂

And make sure you have your camera set to ‘Speed Priority’ too.  You’re pictures won’t be blurred and you’ll stop the action.

In this video you’ll see me meet Elvis the crocodile.

Elvis lives at the Australia Reptile Park in Sommersby on the Central Coast. And Panasonic sent me there to show you how to take better pictures at the zoo when you go.

No croc is tame.  But Elvis got moved here because he was attacking people and boats in Darwin Harbour.  So I had to be very careful.

Take a look:



  1. Glad it was you doing it. What a buzz. I will stick to the longer lense.

  2. Great demo. Got to see Elvis on a visit to Australia in 2012 and know how big he is. Have also seen many crocodiles whilst visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa but never quite got this close and probably never will ….. want to!! Love the tips Ken.

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