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Ken Duncan

Ken Duncan

In 2009 Ken was awarded a Medal Of The Order of Australia (OAM) by the Australian Government for his services to landscape photography, publishing and the arts. The same year he received the photographic industry’s highest honour – the coveted Gold Tripod award.

Australia TV’s A Current Affair described Ken as ‘one of Australia’s most iconic image makers.’

And a leading American gallery called him ‘the Ansel Adams of colour photography’ – now that is a compliment.

What does Ken say about himself?  Simply that he’s “an average photographer with a great God”.

When Mel Gibson wanted a photographer to shoot on the set of ‘The Passion of the Christ’ in 2003 he asked Ken.  The resulting book they published together became a New York Times bestseller.

Ken was one of the first to promote photography as an art form in Australia.  In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the industry he was granted an Honorary Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Photography

Ken is seen as a master in his field and has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally for his images and publications. He has worked for many famous magazines such as National Geographic and Rolling Stone.

His photographs have been published world-wide in over 50 books. And he’s worked with global advertising agencies on international accounts – as well as irectly with major corporations such as Bank of America, American Airlines, Qantas, and Fuji Film.

Members of royalty and national rulers, by Sheiks, spiritual leaders, movie stars, music industry icons, major business leaders, investors, collectors and private individuals all over the world own his works.

With his Limited Edition Prints selling for over 25 years his work has proven the test of time. And many of his editions are now reaching record prices in Australia.

  1. Thanks Ken. I will look forward to your tips in future and like you, I have a personal relationship with God my Creator and His Son my Saviour. God bless you as you continue to bless others through the gift God has blessed you with. Phil

  2. I would be very interested to see a “list” of Kenn’s gear.

    • Max,

      My main camera is a red bodied Linhof Outdoor 617 III with three interchangeable lenses – 180mm, 90mm and 72mm. It uses 220 roll film and gives 8 shots to a roll with an image size of 6cm x 17cm.

      I also use a 60 megapixel Phase One digital back on a Horseman SWD 24mm fixed lens and also on the Phase One camera with four interchangeable lenses – 35mm, 80mm, 150mm & 500mm.

      Seitz has been another new edition to my camera kit with the Roundshot Super 220 VR with two lenses to create 3D images. This camera gives me the ability to set the angle I want to shoot, from 45 degrees right through to 360. This has enabled me to create my new range of MegaPan images.

      When it comes to point and shoot cameras, I can’t go past the fantastic range of Panasonic Lumix cameras.

      For light readings I use a Sekonic L-558 lightmeter. My choice of film is Fuji Velvia 50 & 100.

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