Photography tips for beginners

Has this ever happened to you?

It happens to lots of people and it drives them crazy …

At last, after dodging bees or sneaking past a rhino family, you get to the spot. The scene near perfect. The light. The weather.


“If God is an artist, this must be one of His masterpieces. Even I can’t fail here,” you think – if you’re anything like me.

Now you aim your camera (top gear, of course) and shoot. Again. Again…

But no matter what you do it doesn’t come out right. And the harder you try the worse it gets. Sometimes you wonder if photography is fun at all.

What’s even worse, your camera maker’s gross over-promise ‘take amazing photos instantly’ creeps back in your memory. Plus that eye-watering price tag.

Sound familiar? Well, you are not alone. And that’s why my free photography tips for beginners can help you.

By now you probably know it’s not really about the gear or its price. It’s something else, something simpler: your eye and your touch.

Let me explain …

When I’m not traveling the world with my camera, I teach people how to become better photographers. Some are seasoned pros. Some are just starting out. It doesn’t matter, because the principles in my free tips are universal.

As you know, great photography is not about technical tricks or latest Photoshop features. You need a complete process. For over 30 years I’ve perfected mine – which I’ll now share with you in my free photography tips for beginners.

For example, you learn simple ways how to work with the light, how to process – and even how to store your photos. The total package. I leave nothing out.

I’ll share with you success principles from over 100,000 panoramic images I’ve shot in Australia. Many are award winners. And believe me, I’ve worked with all sorts of gear. I was broke when I started my career. But knowledge comes first. The gear second. So in my free photography tips I’ll teach you:

●     The best time to shoot a landscape photo

●     How to take and make a panoramic image

●     Beyond focusing – the practical tips only experience can teach you

●     The vital few camera settings that can bring you the biggest results

●     How to find your magic eye

●     Probably the most common error amateurs and pros make – and how to avoid it

●     Simple yet professional way to catalogue and backup your photos for years to come

And more … much more …

Quite frankly, my free photography tips for beginners explain the whole process of photography to you and make it simple. So you can take prize winning photos too.

Success won’t happen overnight, but with my practical advice I believe you’ll do better than without it. Makes sense?

In fact, if you are serious about taking photos people will admire, can you really afford NOT to get my free tips?  All you have to do is sign up …



PS.  You may have heard the old adage, “Beauty is all around us.”  Well, it’s true.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been able to use my simple method to turn a completely ordinary scene into a photo which people later call “magical”.  What’s my secret? sign up for my free photography tips for beginners and I’ll tell you.

PPS.  Even if you’re not a beginner my free photography tips will make you a better photographer.


  1. Terry Hamilton

    Tips are an interesting idea. I for many years clung to my 1970 Pentax Spotmatic and spent some years taking photos from sailplanes ( gliders). I tried small more compact cameras in the sailplane but found them too fiddily to operate whilst also trying to fly the aircraft. Then for some years faded out of the taking of photos.

    When I retired booked a trip to Canada so was pushed into the 21 century by my wife with a digital SLR ( Nikon 300S). Little time to master digital photography before leaving Australia so camera set on automatic throughout Canada..and with quite good results. Not as dedicated these days with many competing priorities but still very interested in your tips


  2. Lynsey Matieshin

    I can’t wait to read your amazing ideas

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